My card was declined whenever trying to pay for two big bags of shopping, some needed for my dinner

My card was declined whenever trying to pay for two big bags of shopping, some needed for my dinner

because of the staff at Sainsburys North…

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Thanks to the staff at Sainsburys North Finchley. . We pointed out that the card ended up being out of date, and I hadn’t been sent a brand new one. The staff were actually nice and helpful and i’d like to wait till just after closing time for the friend to arrive and purchase the shopping. I find this branch is often very friendly, having a range that is large of and it’s also a pleasure to shop there.

still another display that is dismal of

Just one more display that is dismal of ‘don’t care’..…Yet another dismal display of consumer ‘don’t care’.

Having had my account closed without notice, warning, or reason, I attempted to day to contact their department that is customer-Don’t-Care to if there was clearly any light to be shed.

Unfortunately, I was greeted with a stroppy lady whom obviously had possessed a day of it (never ever closing issues brought on by Sainsbury’s shambolic behaviours, no doubt) and failed to just take very long in hissing at me. It was within the organisation who had closed the account and she mumbled something and I said that I had not heard due to her accent, she snapped back ‘I’m speaking English, thank you..’ when I sternly asked who.

That wasn’t my point or issue, the language was not the matter, it absolutely was the accent and my trouble in understanding it with regards to had been delivered in that manner that is caustic. We asked her not to back-chat me personally.

Mobile went dead.

Whenever heck did customer support turn into this type of diabolical experience.

Three large online sales now made out of Tesco. Another two to accomplish in a few days. Maybe Not it matters to Shamebury’s. Sadly.

P r affordability, considering price of item

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Not really a issue about Service or Staff- Purchased meal for 1- King Prawn Makhani with Pilau Rice- included 3.5 Prawns, they certainly were perhaps not King Prawns- about 2.5cm ( being slightly large) in diameter and 4mm in depth, plenty of sauce, maybe not sufficient rice to pay for sauce, at the cost of ВЈ3.50.I find that shocking and a complete misrepresentation of it’s articles.Prawns that have been there were tastless

Awful service from Sainsbury’s yet…

Awful solution from Sainsbury’s all over again. Numerous things not delivered with my shop. Charged me personally for the full amount and I had to call many times about my missing items. Guaranteed call backs but no body very calls. Customer services are a joke. Don’t go shopping at Sainsbury’s

The deteriorating standards at Sainsburys Selly oak

The standards at Sainsburys Selly oak, have actually deteriorated, since relocating to your new website. Countless g d fresh fruit is bad. I found a melon that was black inside, my finger penetrated your skin. A lot of other g d fresh fruit had mildew and I also alerted a Manager, who was standing around, having a discussion for a any period of time of time having a colleague. He instructed one of his other colleagues to check on the fresh fruit and then went back to chatting up to a colleague. This has occurred on a few occasions. Buying fresh fruit, that is mouldy ahead of the date. I later telephoned the store. a supervisor informed me that her title was Katrina and also to bring the fresh fruit in plus it is refunded by having a g d might gesture. The information desk and Mangers are unaware of any Manager by this name, nor any note had been left about the problems I had experienced, therefore the staff could not act on it on returning to the store. Somebody, is falsely purporting to be a Manager. She didn’t encounter eloquent, sounded uneducated and unprofessional. Managers aren’t taught to the standard that is high past. There seems to be only some exceptional ones left!

Dropping down at 9.30 within the t … evening

Dropping down at 9.30 later in the day noise that is t much importance of it

Disgusted with sainsburys a… that is,spent

Disgusted with Sainsburys,spent a fortune there for a long time and collected Nectar points but guess we was getting a lot of because they recently stopped me getting any longer bonus points.Tried writing towards the employer Simon Roberts and one of their minions replied but nothing ended up being fixed and simply got lip solution.So in future they are able to do one!


Them, it appears you cannot trust it.I selected an item which had a red label below it when you see a reduced item, not the yellow sticky ones but those with a red reduction label below. The top dollar had been crossed through and a lowered price of ВЈ1 exhibited. I made the decision to create a purchase based on this but the things I don’t realise once I did my smart shop (!) had been it appears that item HAS NEVER BEEN REDUCED TO A ВЈ1 and I must have got it wrong.Well that it did not show the reduce price displayed on the red label.Upon contacting Sainsburys, who then had to contact the store and nicely got to speak to the manager I know I didn’t however in future ANY items wrong priced or defectively exhibited are going to be reported. It smells of a con or maybe customers get round and move the labels that are red for the laugh. Surprised by the attitude that is dismissive they obviously never go wrong (note to Sainsburys – you can get it incorrect lots however your heads have been in the sand).The store in question features a counter for Customer Service/Click & Collect/Lottery/Cigarettes and extremely rarely (like hens teeth) can there be ever more than 1 individual manning the 4+ tills.The fl r staff are beautiful and trying so hard whilst building work is ongoing.COLTON LEEDS MANAGEMENT- offer yourselves a shake.

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