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Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights

Our Approach

Our Goal / Objectives:

To provide information, education and awareness and advise to PwH

– To register PwH so they can be referred to a treatment center to receive treatment

– To serve as a liaison between the treater and the treated

– To raise funds for the treatment of PwH

– To produce publications to educate people about hemophilia and other bleeding disorders

– To raise general awareness about hemophilia and other bleeding disorders and to do advocacy with government


— Our Mission

Our vision of “TREATMENT IS MY RIGHT ” is that one day, all people with a bleeding disorder in Pakistan will have proper care, no matter which part of the country they belong

— Our Vision

To continue to provide comprehensive hemophilia care to PwH across country and to strive to prevent hemophilia by genetic studies, carrier detection and genetic counselling of families with persons living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.